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from IP 218.36.59.*** | | 6.4.2020 06:02
This is great comment-generating advice! Whenever possible, I ask questions at the end of my posts in order to invite comments, and I also try to pepper questions throughout the posts as well. The questions come naturally to me as I’m writing (I’m curious by nature), but I think they serve well to stimulate readers and prompt responses.
from IP 218.36.59.*** | | 6.4.2020 06:01
I’ve made efforts at this on my blog but not nearly enough, and I’ve never really thought it out quite this way. A definite print-and-keep posting.
from IP 218.36.59.*** | | 6.4.2020 06:01
I’d like to add that the way you are responding and even opening the ideas up more in the comments section, keeps the thread going and may provide more ideas for a reader. Sometimes a post gets a few responses and just dies, frequently because everybody just wants to get their 2¢ in and they aren’t really taking in the whole conversation.
from IP 218.36.59.*** | | 6.4.2020 06:00
(I am not following you but you’ve been everywhere I go posting and commenting in the last few days. This is another great one!)
from IP 218.36.59.*** | | 6.4.2020 05:59
Getting comments is the bane of my existence! I try to end the post with a question about how my readers are using [insert topic] and no one responds. I have tried to hold contests where I will give them FREE PUBLICITY for a comment and nada.
from IP 218.36.59.*** | | 6.4.2020 05:58
The posts that I think will generate the most response typically don’t. Blogging is funny like that…
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from IP 218.36.59.*** | | 6.4.2020 05:58
Great post. The conclusion is one aspect of my writing that I need to approve upon. I’ll definitely incorporate some of these ideas.
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